December 13, 2004

Fresh new place

By the grace of God, I have reached this new place to do a part of my project for the next six months. Just praying to God to give me good thoughts here and make me a better person. Thanks a lot to Antony and Sivanesan for helping me to get ready for this journey.


Ramesh said...


Happy to learn that you reached there safely. Wish you have a pleasant, fulfilling stay in Uncle Sam's land.


Kannappan said...

Hi Ramesh
Thanks a lot for your wishes. Wish you all the best to come here.

karthik said...

Sir! Phoenix eh?? Njai!!! Hope you get enough sleep!!
:-) :-)

Kannappan said...

Hi Karthik, Yeah am trying to get as much rest as possible. The travel was exciting.

The climate here is normal Bangalorean kind of climate now. During Summer it will be Rajasthan kind of climate since its a desert, I heard so :-)

Manjusha said...

I hope you have a great time in Arizone - absorb the new surroundings & culture like a sponge...and most of all HAVE FUN!!!

Kannappan said...

Thanks for your wishes. Yeah sure am liking U.S a lot. This place is a lot more organised. Great roads. Lot of public libraries who dont charge you a penny. The formality for applying a bank account is just a discussion of 20 minutes. SSN application got over in 20 minutes. Have to wait in home for 2 weeks to get the bank a/c and SSN. You never have to wait in their office or stand in long queues or bribe them, etc. Almost everything is automated. Yeah we certainly have a lot many things to learn from them.

My favorite channel here is Turner Classic Movies. Shall post on them later.

I just went thru the favorite books, movies and music from ur profile, you seem to have a wide array of intrests. Great.