December 09, 2004

President and our Soldiers

The soldiers help our country in many ways that we either dont know or that we dont understand.

Heartening to see our president wishing them. Let us try and be of help (as and when possible in any small ways that we can) to our soldiers and our president.

PS : Blogs like this reflect more of the way I want to be rather than the way I am now.


karthik said...

This is one reason i really appreciate Dr. Kalam. Even as president he remains Dr.Abdul Kalam . He has not become "Supreme Commander"! Amazing person. and of course the soldiers deserve every bit of support we can offer. While we "fight" against the "dumb" computer everyday, these guys go way beyond that!

Kannappan said...

Yeah rightly said. Also I recently read the book by the President "ignited minds". The first few pages of the book were very uplifting.