January 14, 2008

Jeff Thomson

A wonderful interview of an yesteryear express bowler Jeff Thomson



orsenthil said...

wonderful? It was funny, plain and direct. I have never seen him bowl or heard much about Jeff Thompson individually , perhaps Bret Lee would be able to give him a response as who is fast.

Kannappan said...

Wonderful yaaa...I was laughin at the way he is freakinn direct wid all his responses. I hav heard quite a lot abt Thomson but always along with Dennis Lillee. Lillee and Thomson along with some Windies pace bowlers were the most fearsome fast bowlers of their generation and should occupy a place among the best pace bowlers in cricketing history, but only now I know that this guy bowled as fast as 161K, that too when measured from the batsman's end...thats freakinn fast man ;).

"When they timed me around the 161Ks, that was done at the batting end. These guys today are timed at the bowlers' end. Who's standing two metres in front of a bowler facing the ball? Nobody. They're trying to make them look as quick as us. We were timed further down the pitch, where it slows down. If they had timed me out of the hand, it would have been close to 180Ks. "

Read todays hindu, there is a mention of one of Thomson's bouncers in WACA flying past the wicketkeeper Rod Marsh one bounce to the boundary ;-)

TVK said...

No wonder they compared his action to mine.