August 08, 2007


sania has started producing the results that I never thought she was capable of, beating one top seed after another. World number 12 Martina Hingis is her latest scalp in the ongoing East West Bank Classic tournament (Tier II event) in California.

The tournaments that are going on in the U.S for quite sometime now are a part of the United States Open Series which is a prelude to the U.S Open that will get started in a couple of weeks


orsenthil said...

long time back itself, I felt Sania "is a" very good player for India. Many tennis fans respect her for her game. But many Indians know her more for her figure though. :)

Kannappan said...

hmm.. i was always under the assumption that she would never go above 40 in the World rankings and that all talk of her being a good player was media created.

One of the reasons for incorrect assumption could be that I have never played tennis to judge if a player is good.

One of her major weaknesses from the matches I noticed maybe a year or so back was that she was a very poor server. Good serve is very important as was very obvious in the Federer Nadal Wimbledon final. Federer scraped through da match mainly by his serves/aces.