July 08, 2007


woke up late..it has become usual as of late
had masaldosa at pongal cafe..it sucked :)
had some work to be done as i do less work on weekdays coz of lot of distractions :-)
had fried rice for lunch in forum
work still on .. :)
hearing songs..this and this..like 'em both
two big matches evening..may watch them at the cafe above
and u know who i will b rootin for...the two spanish superstars in both matches

7 PM
the silverstone game is over..kimi has overtook Fernando..but its ok...fernando has beaten hamilton and am happy

9 PM
well, now vamos nadal...beat roger man...and i want a hairstyle of yours man...like a spanish bandit :-)

11 PM
rafa, dont worry man, we will finish him off in newyork

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