June 19, 2007

Sivaji - The BOSS

Bullshit movie with a lot of comedy and grandeur. Might become a hit among children and telugu audience.

Well, Dont miss this high quality trailer :-)

* comedy
* two beautifully picturised songs - Sunlight song was like some Second Life Avatars dancing ;-)
* shankar's grandeur
* makeup - some of rajni's getups are real good
* rajni's nerdy comic getup when he and vivek enter shriya's house
* shriya - she is ravishing...wonderful future ahead
* Athiradee song is a must watch..if i watch the movie agane..it will be mainly for this song..thalaivar's intro in this song is wonderful..and the finish in this song with a bazooka just bowls u over ;-)

* shankar - better for him to quit tamil & enter telugu industry fulltime
* the usual superstar lettering in the start was chopped off (yes, i am a fanboi)
* lack of story
* balleilakka song - lack of nativity
* stunts
* a very long movie

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