January 02, 2006

A sea of tears

 It was New year's eve. A lot of birds were swarming around their home. It was a very colourful scene to watch. Some of them were green, some were purple, some silver coloured and so on, but for the colour, all were of the same feather. They all were preparing to have fun on that night's bash, a very special one for them, as they were about to complete a year that was very difficult for them, quite understably so, as it was an year of harsh weather and very heavy rainfalls.

Their celebration will be at the Fountain lake. Fountain lake(fondly called Fount) is a beautiful lake that lies in the middle of a quietly buzzing city of Evergreenland, a city whose people are warm and very welcoming to strangers. The city's lake looks all set for a celebration of the birds and it knows well that it has to play a host to the people of the city as well.

As daylight started fading across the city, men, women and children started walking gracefully toward the lake, some of them hand in hand, fully imbibing the fresh air that is blowing so freely across the land. The birds too gather among themselves and have a final hush hush about their celebratory plans.

As the night nears, almost everyone and their brother is now present in the shores of the lake. The birds too are at the scene.Celebrations started in a few moments, there was fun and cheer all around and as it occassionally happens, one of the birds was not present...

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