November 25, 2005

the turtle that flew

  It was a crowded city. he was lost in the middle. he knew not anybody, not their language, he was alien, he was young...very. but he cared not the heck, he was fearless, tough spirited. he would grow slowly in the midst of the whole alien environs. when things did not go his way, he broke down but he knew they were ephemeral and started building a resilience.

he broke rocks with his bare hands, found how to stimulate antigravity inside subways. created radios out of railtrack metal leftovers. he was setting himself up for a ride to stratosphere with his small bicycle. he knew he would be able to fly above with just a few cheap mechanical parts and the power of control over his thoughts. he consistently got hit by roadbumps. but since he was initially meek by nature, the bumps just helped him in developing his strength. he roamed across the streets of the city, slept at the pavements, he was the most active in the city, he kept himself clean all the while. he explored a lot of new stuff, observed and understood several ongoings, but he knew he was an adventurer.

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