October 30, 2005

third person (singular)

  and there he sat on a wooden bench watching rounders. times passed, rounders left. seated was he still in his own smooth wave of thoughts that were forming rainbow like frames. not the glasses that revealed it but the feel, adding a newer frame that encompassed all the frames. the set had several subsets, intresting was that the set in itself acted as a normal subset, leaving him befuddled that subsequent expansions of the subsets left him with subsets one of which was the set in itself, which was further broken into subsets which followed the previous trail and so on infinitum..like the frames.

A was the set that had subsets B,C and A. he tried breaking down B. he could not. it was an atom, same with C. but A was further dissipated into B,C and A. so now he had 2 B's & 2 C's but a single A. he is puzzled. he breaks it further. the A doesnt want to increase. Intresting. What is A?. A remains till the end continually producing more and more B's and C's not in anyway diminishing or increasing itself. it stays still till the end. Was this a new pattern?. Did he notice this pattern in something? Does he feel the need for this pattern?.


Ramesh said...

That is a very interesting pattern. Where did u find it? Can u explicate more?

Kannappan said...

this is a pattern that just occurred in thought. there were some thoughts going on and one of the thoughts was the thought in itself.

trying to see if such a pattern can exist, if not, can it be created, or is it that it already exists. worth trying as long as its fun.

Ramesh said...

Worth trying really. Who know you might stumble at the origin of this universe itself.

Have fun.