October 05, 2005

FIDE Ratings

Latest Rating list released by FIDE shows the rankings as below. My comments are at the right.

Anand - World No.2 (stable at the top. but only a few more playing years left)
Harikrishna - World No.31 (growing strongly. has to keep the momentum going)
Sasikiran - World No.40 (calm player. would love to see him as a world champ)

Humpy - World No.4 (we need to encourage her continually as judit is faar above)
Vijayalakshmi - World No.12 (Will be great if she can break into the top 5)


xargon said...

Hey, great blog! Just dropping by to say hello.

phoe6 said...

Good, Consistent and a nice Focus on Chess.

Kannappan said...

xargon, thanks for your comment

if I were in germany, would have definitely ordered a pair of sneakers from your store :)

Kannappan said...

Thanks Senthil

Hari is now ranked above Karpov and Kasimdzhanov, the former and
current world champions respectively.

Without GAIL's help, it surely would have taken a longer time for him to make such a leap.

xargon said...

Thanks kannappan! You would have been the first one! :(