August 07, 2005

currently listening

Tumhari adhavo pe
mai vari vaari
Tumhari adhav pe
mai vari vaari


karthik said...

terrific song isnt it? Has been on repeat mode on my winamp for last couple of days!! the background offbeat clapping is amazing! hats off to AR rahman! awesome song!

Kannappan said...

Mmmmm enjoying it

Go.Ganesh said...

Hello Kannappan anna !

Here is G.Ganesh (exactly! Your junior)

Also Listen to "ah aah". (Anbe Aaruyire). Title song is very good.

Then how r u doing ? Where r u now? in Blore or in US ? Wherever u r take care... :-)

Kannappan said...

Hi Ganesh, Your Tamil blog is good. I am glad that you are blogging in Tamil.

Well How are you. Am doing good here in U.S. Yeah I listened to Ah Aah, I also liked the Mayilirahay song which has a good sprinkling of beautiful tamil words like Podhihai,Amildhu,Vaihai etc & some good old M.S.Viswanathan kind of music.