May 11, 2005

fairy tales

Adi Sankara is said to have composed the Kanakadhara Stotram, a hymn in praise of the Goddess, when as a Brachmacharyin, (bachelor) he was touched by the compassion of a woman belonging to a poor family. On a Dvadasi day he had approached her house seeking alms. Having nothing else to offer, and not wanting to send him away empty handed, she offered him an Amla fruit (gooseberry). Sankara was able to see the poverty in the household as much as he could see her genuine desire to offer much more than what she had. There arose in him a desire to help this family. He immediately invoked the Goddess and entreated Her to shower prosperity on this couple and alleviate their poverty-ridden status.

It is believed that as Sankara recited the 21 verses in praise of Goddess Laksmi, there was a downpour of Amlas in gold in the household, and the family lived in prosperity thereafter.

Courtesy - The Hindu


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