March 22, 2005


Dear Harika, I feel proud to host you on my blog.


phoe6 said...

the best was:
Harika:I want to become a Grandmaster first then I dream to follow the footsteps of Judit Polgar & challenge the men’s superiority over 64 squares. :-)
Nice. Kudos to the champion.

Keep on with your chess related blogs. I find it reading them interesting. I am just a damn lazy fellow I am realizing that even I feel to try with chess, am not doing so :(

Kannappan said...

That sounds good. I almost stopped playing competitive chess long time back. But time to time I like to play Mate in One, Mate in Two,etc. You can give it a try.

Harika is a talented young player. I was following the Chess Olympiad and I guess she was instructed to draw her games against her opponents who were mostly higher ranked players. And she drew it all :)

We have such beautiful players in our land. And the below four are very important for the future of Indian chess and to an extent World chess.

Krishnan Sasikiran
Pentala Harikrishna
Koneru Humpy
Harika Dronavalli

These four have the natural talent backed by a good strong temperament. They need to be sponsored and nurtured by some good corporate companies.

If the corporates dont act fast, government should step in and MUST support these players.

Sometimes we simply fail to realise what talent is? and What will happen if we dont nurture it at the right time. The government and corporates have to be cooperative on genuine matters like this, only then can we produce World Champions. The sooner we realise this the better it will be.