November 23, 2004


For the past few months am able to feel that my body is getting weaker. Ever since I left college 2 and a half years back I never had any fever / headache or any other disease. But it was not so yesterday, I had a severe body pain and was running high temperature. Took the first sickleave. Am feeling a little better now. Anyhow am planning to take up a full fledged medical test. And take it from thereon. I wish to put my health as a top priority. Thanks to my company for providing me leave without any second thoughts.


karthik said...

Take care boss! dont work too hard! :-)

Prabz said...

Oh man. Thats why no posts? Take care dude!

phoe6 said...

Hey buddy. Get well soon :)

Kannappan said...

Hey Karthik/Prabz

Thanks a lot for your wishes. I was off on vacation. Am feeling better now.