November 01, 2004

Kamal in Bangalore

Yesterday all of us who watched Virumaandi here @ Pallavi Theatre had a chance to meet with Kamal. He spoke for 10 minutes in the Theatre. There was supposed to be a Question and Answer with Kamal on the movie Virumaandi. But due to the crowd and amazing craze for was very difficult to stage the Q & A. Kamal looked very young and smart. He still has the zest for making a lot of movies. Virumaandi is one of the very good movies in the past few years. Excellent work put into making every small thing into account. You can observe the Local flavor. A very rustic movie. Though one major point seems to have been borrowed from Kurosawa..the movie has been grippingly made..It was the third time am watching the movie.

The movie was screened as part of Indo German Film Fest. Germans were all applauding Kamal including some of the top class German directors whose movies are also being screened.

Kamal arguably is one of the most important person in the Indian film industry currently. He sings, dances, directs, acts and markets his movies in international fim fests and is able to maintain the balance between art and commercial intrests. We need more people like him to emerge from our shores.


Prabz said...

HI Kannapan...
I am a big fan myself of Kamal.. And quite eager to see his next move(ie)..:)
Wishing him a great(belated) day!! :)

Kannappan said...

Hi Prabz

Yeah Am also very intrested to see his next movie which might be the Trilingual `Mumbai Express`. He is eager to make Mumbai Express in Kannada when everybody else seems to avoid the Kannada films.