November 10, 2004

Happy Deepavali

Wish all of you a very happy fun filled sweet fooded Deepavali

Frankly long since I really celebrated Deepavali. I remember waking up at 4 AM and watching some of cousins bursting the first cracker of the day in my native place. And then all of us get flooded with oil all over our bodies and get ready for bathing in some hot water. Put some Thiruneer on the head. Put chanthanam on the new dresses. Pray before god, grandpa. And staring at the sweets and vada placed before god all the while. Then put on the new dresses. Take a walk to the temple with cousins. Come back, burst crackers, and enjoy the mouth watering dishes. Really enjoyable. Moments that one will cherish forever.

Wish all of u who read this blog and many of frends Jhonty from Salem, Rajan from Illuppayur, Muthu frm Chennai, CAT prepping Madhan in Chennai, Chockku frm Kadalur, Kambam frm Kambam, Mohanc the Kaatuvaasi working in some Bangalore watertank, Surutta, pedal udhaya, bladeprem, tvkumar, Moin mattrum claass frends and some gals all their families anaivarukkum .....a really happy enjoyable and wonderful Deepavali.

Share me your sweets and if possible your dresses ^_^)

Dont forgive me if I have missed some of ur names. I deserve a few kicks. LOL.

Me will be celebrating with some movies. Expecting that 7G (Yeah I have stopped watching Thiruttu VCDs) hits the screen here. Just raring to go. I think that the 11 Screen India's largest Multiplex PVR Cinemas will start screening from tommorrow. Veer Zara, Mughal E Azam, Flavors, Incredibles. Hmm Impressive Line Up.


Prabz said...

Happy Diwali to you Kannapan!!

Kannappan said...

Thank You. Wish you also same. Enjoy!