October 23, 2004

Gorgeous but Mean


phoe6 said...

[OT] Do you know any place in town where you wud get a hardcopy of wired magazine.
This issues' special as far as music is concerned.
Wired is really a cool one.

Spent and spending a lot of time reading this:

Kannappan said...

Hey The Wired Article is intresting.

Though I have seen several magazines like Business Week, Forbes, Sports Illustrated,etc. I have never seen Wired Mag. Anyhow lemme giv a check the next time I move around. Several mags will be available in Oxford, Crossword, etc.

It will be costly for sure. If the mag is really needed, then I think it will be very much possible to tell these book stores to order a new copy. If we place an order maybe they will be able to purchase it.

BTB Why not ask the company to subscribe it to the library.

phoe6 said...

Well, once I asked about subscription to library at office.
but, I think I have to persist if I want it.

Me and most are not using the library much and it is not in top of charts for any issue.

How abt your depts?

But, I guess you know about specially of this months' wired:


Kannappan said...

>>But, I guess you know about specially of this months' wired:

Yeah I was seeing a lot of related info on several blogs titled Free Sample Wired CD etc..I just dint take notice of what it was all about.


Well now Lemme get a hang of it all

Kannappan said...

Hey I was listening to a demonstration of this concept. Sounds pretty intresting.