September 18, 2004

San Mononoke

The fate of the world rests on the courage of one warrior
Here is San with her Wolf brothers as created by the manga Water colour artist cum Anime Master Hayao Miyazaki of Heidi fame

SAN is also a particular type of network architecture which helps in the communication between storage devices like tapes or RAID arrays and servers which need the data from them.

Wikipedia Article

This article contains some details about

The basics of SANs
The various types of SANs
The difference between SAN and another related technology NAS
SAN uses variants of SCSI protocol
(Data transfer in terms of blocks)
NAS uses Network File System protocol
(Data transfer in terms of files)
Which is better? Only time will tell.
Even a merger of the best of both the technologies is on the cards.
This link SAN x NAS might help

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