August 24, 2004


there will be some scrbblings in here...more as a matter of keeping it
in the net...

trying to find a way to find nth prime number...Is there a formula to
find what is 100th prime number...or 20th prime number etc...... think
it can be found...

also am trying to identify a pattern of numbers next to the
primes....that is numbers which fall shrt of prime number status due
to the existence of one more divisor...Ex. 8 is not a prime. It has
2,4 also as multiples apart from the prime number props of 8 and 1.
Apart from these two there aren't any numbers.

16 doesnt belong because it has 3 combos
1*16, 2*8 and 4*4

Am looking for numbers that have just 2 combos like 8,10,14,22,26,etc
and see if some new properties appear....if time permits that is....

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