August 28, 2004

Anju Dear Anju

Some Indian hearts shed tears agane. This time for a genuine genuine trier from Chengannacherry district.

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Some Musings on Indian Sport

I believe India has a lot to offer in sport. I feel that there are many potential world chess champions in our country. I think we can easily produce a lot many Sasikirans and Koneru Humpys. And when a tough competition emerges between them , Am sure that surely we will have many Indians in the top 10 of the World. Wipro was initially sponsoring some chess youngsters. Now they hav also withdrawn support. It is very important to support our sports people. Our country is not like Kenya or Morocco. There sports people are poor but so are all the others who live there. So money or no money, sportspersons over there do not care. (these are just my assumptions or thoughts, Am not sure of the real facts). In our country, the sportspersons cannot languish when their compatriots study well, get goodmarks and earn good money and settle well. The parents of sports children just dont want their children to fall down in comparison with others.

Yesterday I was reading a Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore article in Sportstar (An old sportstar..which came to stands before the begiinning of this olympic games). Actually he was World No.3 even before the Olympics And I feel ashamed that I came to know of him only after he winnning the Olympic Silver medal. In that particular article he speaks of how all his fellow employees and the society had asked him to give up Shooting and concentrate on his job , get promotions and get well settled. He rejected all their suggestions and the rest as we all say is a history. This is a successful example. There may be many failures as well.

Time to wake up. China is going neck and neck for the No.1 spot. Beijing games is sure to turn a lot many intrest to their nation. Already many U.S mags, biz Week, fortune, Forbes,Time etc etc hav started spending many of their inks in writing abt china. Was reading an article by an American on how China has a realistic chance of winning a medal in basketball in the next olympics revolving around that chinese Yao Ming(NBA player for Houston Rockets ). China has in fact come a long way.

Its time we start progressing on all fronts. But why. Isnt it our duty to improve our land. Let me end it with a question mark for now atleast.

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