July 30, 2004


For the Kids
Have known a bit of the AzimPremji Foundation time and again. Trying to learn something more on what are they doing. Education is a lifeline for many of the people living below the poverty line. As Premji seems to be a little concerned with primary education, its good for the children of the country. primary Education is very important. His initiatives have to succeed. Coz, there are very few people, many of them unsung (thats what I hear) who contribute to such kind of activities. Most often these core areas get neglected by politicians, bureaucrats and even we people.

For the Youngsters
In another case, there is a Campus connect programmme started in Infy to promote corporate learning or Project training in colleges during 6th sem itself. Infy has planned to get into middle level collesges nationwide and has also stated that it is willing to join with any other corporate companies who are intrested in joining in this programme.
Infy article is here.

For the Elderly
In yet another case a few months back the the company currently in its IPO processes had launched the adult Literacy Programme with good success. There was a BBC Article on this.

So here is the observation: Despite criticisms these companies face, They continue to promote the growth of the country in the exact places where they have to. Putting in the efforts exactly where there is more need. Best wishes for all their plans.

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