May 23, 2004

Pi - The Movie

"But Max, as soon as you discard scientific rigor, you are no longer a
mathematician. You become a numerologist"

"It's not the number It's the meaning."

Taken frm movie Pi. One of them who saw this and reflected as below
"Okay. . . so I saw "Pi" the movie this weekend -- the edgy, black and
paranoia-laced winner at Sundance Film Fest this year -- and I'm not
even sure that I liked it, but I am sure it affected me."

π (pronounced, and often written as, Pi) Film,directed by Darren
Aronofsky (born February 12, 1969) is a film director. He was born in
Brooklyn, New York. After high school, Darren went to Harvard
University to study film, live action as well as animation. Five years
after university, in February 1996 he began creating the concept for
his first feature film π, released in 1998.

The film PI is about an aloof "genius" who believes that mathematics
is the language of nature, and pursues the fundamental formula. He
finds the golden spiral occurring everywhere, including in an analysis
of the stock exchange which he is carrying out. A number of mysterious
people become interested in his research, including a Go -playing
mathematician who seems his mentor, a woman from a Wall Street firm
with access to powerful new computer hardware, and a group of
kabbalistic Jews who believe that the Torah when represented as
numbers instead of letters, contains the true name of God.


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